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The Social Media Style Guide

Imagine a pair of unmarked, generic athletic shoes. Who do you see wearing these shoes? Your grandpa, a delivery person or uniformed medical staff? Now imagine the same pair with a swoosh on the side. Now who do you envision lacing up these shoes? Most likely someone who wants to make a statement; who is conscious of the brand and its value.

Consistent branding has always been inmportant in traditional  and non-traditional marketing, and the same principles apply in the social media realm. Brian Solis, principal of FutureWorks and author of Engage, outlines the 8 Steps to Creating a Brand Persona:

1. Core Values

2. Brand Pillars

3. Promise

4. Aspirations

5. Brand Characteristics

6. Opportunities

7. Culture

8. Personality

Full article via The Social Media Style Guide – Advertising Age – Guest Columnists.

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