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The car is now 40x more expensive thanks to this commercial.
Showing appreciation and thanks to your customers goes a long way, no matter the time of the year.
From capturing the unseen beauty of the Lake Michigan lakeshore to documenting a frozen food storage and consolidation company, drone use in commercial advertising is endless. Read more about how Drones are revolutionizing the marketing industry:
Licensed to Fly

Not too long ago, aerial videography and photography use to be out of reach for most businesses. Aerial footage can greatly enhance a message by being able to show size, scale and beauty that is not normally seen from ...
iPhone Vs. Android: which are you?
We see opportunity where others see hurdles; we see possibilities where others dismiss as improbable.
Remakes, reboots, and sequels made 10+ years after the original are soaring in popularity. Over the past 40 years the trend has increased steadily, often met with harsh criticism or large applause based on the production and how it parallels ...
Holland Hospital’s annual Service Awards honors employees who have worked a minimum of 6,000 lifetime hours at the hospital, spotlighting the “high honorees” who have achieved 60,000 or more hours. For the Service Awards, we created a recognition video, individual ...
A video interview is a simple, but effective way to explain complex topics, ideas, and stories. Corporate video interviews can be used underneath supporting footage in higher end productions, or can be used with simple text for a cost-effective way ...
Meet our new Graphic Designer, Kaylee!
New post on the #MurdochMarketing blog!

-Strategic Position and Planning
-Brand Language and Graphics
-Corporate Identity
-Concepting, copy, design and production for print, web, outdoor, broadcast and social
-Technical literature, sales brochures, direct mail
-Social marketing development and management
-PR, ...
Those who appear to have the greatest bravery often have the deepest fears.
Shalee Blackmer, Social Content Manager for Murdoch Marketing, brings the staff up to speed on her recent project for Pure Michigan. Social media followers voted where Shalee should go during a two-week adventure through the UP. Her favorite place was ...
Check out the winners from this years D&AD Impact Awards:
Corporate Interviews | Video Production in West Michigan
A video interview is a simple, but effective way to explain complex topics, ideas and stories. Corporate video interviews can be used underneath supporting footage in higher end productions, or can be used with simple text for a cost-effective way ...
Attract and Retain Employees | Video Recruitment Campaign West Michigan
Increase the amount of qualified candidates AND improve employee retention? A recruitment campaign can do that. Part of a full website re-vamp, Murdoch Marketing produced a series of videos and outdoor ads focusing on attracting and retaining potential employees.

Hanson ...
Tell Your Story | West Michigan Documentary Production
One of our more ambitious projects, requiring months of research and contributions, is the story of Holland Hospital’s 100 year journey to today.Thank you to Holland Hospital marketing for allowing us to work on this project. Narrated by Peter Coyote.

Industrial Manufacturing Animation | West Michigan 3D Animation
StrikoWestofen America is a global supplier of non-ferrous foundry furnaces and solutions. Murdoch Marketing created various 3D animations explaining their unique melting furnace process. In conjunction, we alsoproduced print collateral, product renderings, and designed the American product website.

Post: ...
Murdoch Marketing Animation Reel
Animation can bring any idea to life. Here is just a sample of our animation capabilities. We are able to animate in the following styles: motion graphics, explainer videos, 3d, 2.5d, 2d, whiteboard, and stop motion.
Murdoch Marketing: We Think. We Can.
Strengthen your brand with a clear, consistent message channeled via efficient media to a targeted market. Murdoch Marketing can help your brand succeed. Advertising, collateral, animation, video, websites, public relations, social media, branding, marketing.
LLamasoft Data Guru
LLamasoft Data Guru simplifies the transformation of data and creates documented, repeatable, time-saving workflows. The interactive, visual tool removes coding and query-building from the process and enables business analysts to effectively work with big data.
Rotator Cuff Injury and Shoulder Impingement - Medical Minute
Dr. Michael Cheek of Shoreline Orthopaedics discusses shoulder pain, shoulder surgery, rotator cuff syndrome, shoulder impingement syndrome, sports injury, rotator cuff tears, and physical therapy in this Holland Hospital Medical Minute.
Parkinson's Disease Symptoms and Treatment - Medical Minute
Dr. Christina Johnston of Lakeshore Health Partners discusses Parkinson's Disease, movement disorders, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options in this Holland Hospital Medical Minute.

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