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Elbow Grease
Early, dirty, humiliating experiences with repeated failure can provide priceless life skills. Anything worth doing, is worth doing ... right?
It had been at least fifteen minutes since my aunt left me alone in the bathroom. I could just make ...
'Out-Of-Office’ Reply, Simple Marketing Opportunity
Getting crafty with your 'Out-Of-Office' reply will allow you to un-plug while still marketing your brand. Now that's a good vacation!
Spice up your 'out-of-office' reply for a quick, simple marketing opportunity to market your brand and drive traffic while ...
Peter Coyote: When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear
Life is about taking chances. Tom Murdoch recently reached out to Peter Coyote on a whim, one of the world's most famous narrators, to see if he might narrate a non-profit client video. Do you think he heard back?
Despite ...
I Stayed Up to Watch a Two Hour Ad - Murdoch Marketing
The most successful advertisements aren't loud and short, they are meaningful and engaging.
The current record for running a marathon is 2:02:57 seconds. Nike, the athletic apparel brand, announced an event aiming to not only break the world record but ...
You've Got Mail — 5 Tips for a Successful Newsletter
A newsletter is an extremely beneficial and effective marketing technique for businesses—if used correctly.
Always push your email campaigns and newsletter further with vision and strategy, but don't lose sight of these basics...
Murdoch Marketing, Ad Agency, Marketing Comm, Creative
Happy Memorial Day from Murdoch Marketing!
Ad agency with consumer and business marketing expertise, strategy development, branding and execution in print, web, broadcast, outdoor, e-marketing, mail.
How Many Words Are Pictures Worth? - Murdoch Marketing
It’s a competitive world and sharing stock images isn’t going to win you the race. Investing in photography and original content will not only help strengthen your brand image, but allow stronger connections to be made between your company and ...
The Words You Love - Murdoch Marketing
“The difference between using the right word and almost the right word is the difference between a lightning bug and lightning.” - Mark Twain
Using this proven method, you are guaranteed to instantly achieve greater results from your advertising. ...
Just Visiting - Murdoch Marketing
Three days in the life of a Douglas Elementary Visiting Artist.
An #AndyWarhol inspired #ClassProject.
To say the Saugatuck/Douglas area is “artsy” would be an understatement. Our welcome sign is a twelve-foot painter’s palette. The streets are lined with creative ...
The Power Of The Pop-Up
Why are more and more sites using pop-ups? ...and should you?
A pop-up on your website can be more beneficial than you think. Studies have shown pop-ups provide an increase in conversions, leads and email collection.
Is Audio Overlooked in Marketing? - Murdoch Marketing
There are a number of ways to cut through the noise and provide value to your audience; audio is one. People spend loads of time exercising or driving while listening to audio only content, giving marketers an opportunity to perhaps ...
The Tournament
How's your swing? Find out at Bel Air Country Club!
The much anticipated annual FOG Charity Golf Tournament is played in two shotgun starts, one in the early morning before the clinic and the other right after, which means for ...
Give Customers What They Want. Two Words: Pink Starburst
Are you listening to what customers say, need and want? It's not always easy and it takes time but the payoff can be huge! Learn what Starburst has done with the pink favorites.

#Starburst ...
Comments Christina Le Vey Rowland
Timeline Photos
by Frankie Bullinger
On loan from a private collection and on display at Murdoch Marketing.
#artaloan #saugatuckcenterforthearts #des #sc4a
Comments Eddie Bullinger Thank you for supporting Frankie, Saugatuck Public Schools, and Saugatuck Center for the Arts ... what a great program!Kathleen Mckee Nice
Algorithms Gone Wild - Murdoch Marketing
Are web ads a mixed bag? Maybe, but there's always hope.

#algorithms #web #advertising
While we love targeted advertising and finely segmented audiences, algorithms can have an affect on your brand.
Does Social Work? - Murdoch Marketing
If Facebook were its own country, it would be more populous than China’s 1.36 billion people with the total number of users at 1.86 billion as of March 2017. In the time it took to read this sentence, 30 profiles ...
Changing Ecosystems - Murdoch Marketing
According to Philip Fasano, executive vice president and chief information officer at American International Group Inc. in a recent Wall Street Journal article: “We’re at a point where artificial intelligence has finally come of age." Artificial intelligence along with deep ...
EMI - Full Service Marketing Campaign
From #logo to #website, our work with EMI has positioned them as a leader in engineering design and service. View our work to see how it's done.
We've worked with EMI Construction products to position them as a pace-setting industry ...
Colored Oreos Taste Better - Murdoch Marketing
What’s your favorite type of Oreo? #Cookie #Oreo #Spring
Original double-stuffed Oreos are by far, the best type of Oreo. But why do the seasonal ones taste even better?
The Social Media Design Lexicon - Murdoch Marketing
Find out how #socialmedia may be changing the #design game differently than thought - and how you're behind it.
Perhaps we’ll just continue shoving the stuff on our desk out of frame to show off that clean, organized workspace.
Murdoch Marketing Animation Reel
Animation can bring any idea to life. Here is just a sample of our animation capabilities. We are able to animate in the following styles: motion graphics, explainer videos, 3d, 2.5d, 2d, whiteboard, and stop motion.
Are You Mobile Ready?
Tom Murdoch discusses the importance of having a strong mobile presence for your brand.
Murdoch Marketing: We Think. We Can.
Strengthen your brand with a clear, consistent message channeled via efficient media to a targeted market. Murdoch Marketing can help your brand succeed. Advertising, collateral, animation, video, websites, public relations, social media, branding, marketing.
Using Drones in Marketing, Drone Technology
Give your next marketing video new perspective by using a drone. Drones have become extremely popular for taking aerial pictures and videos, and the technology used is impressive. Take a look at how Murdoch Marketing recently used a drone to ...
StrikoWestofen, Foundry & Die Casting Furnaces
Lightweight die castings are key components in automotive, aerospace and hard goods markets throughout the world. No one company delivers more innovation and efficiency to the die cast industry than StrikoWestofen. StrikoWestofen products are engineered from the ground up to ...
Plascore PP Honeycomb Infusion Grade Processing
Infusion Grade PP Honeycomb is designed specifically for optimum performance in Lite RTM and Infusion Processes. Playing a significant in role in composite products for the marine, wind energy and transportation markets, Infusion Grade PP Honeycomb is a preferred core ...
LLamasoft Data Guru
LLamasoft Data Guru simplifies the transformation of data and creates documented, repeatable, time-saving workflows. The interactive, visual tool removes coding and query-building from the process and enables business analysts to effectively work with big data.
Family Express Dedicated Transportation
Store door delivery made easy for this fast growing chain of convenience stores.

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