Good Friday: Be A World Bank


Good Friday: Be A World Bank

This is a ‘one thing led to another’. In searching for SEO content, I stumbled upon Peter Casier’s blogs.  Peter is, among other things, “Flemish, husband of one, father of two, friend to a few. Born a nutcase. Love to love, to admire, to create, to explore on the edge. Of myself mostly.”  Peter has managed to carve out a life of exploration and global good, supported by writing for web. His blogs range from web marketing for NFP organizations to microfinancing.

Microfinancing, specifically global microcredits, was pioneered by Bangladeshi economist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Professor Muhammad Yunus. Microcredits are very small loans, typically less than $100, made to the rural poor in developing countries who normally do not qualify for traditional banking credit. This is often the only way they can establish a business and lift themselves out of poverty. Professor Yunus founded his Grameen Bank in 1976 during a devastating famine in Bangladesh. is another group doing a world of good. Check it out. Better yet, pay it forward.

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