Who’s Your Challenger?


Who’s Your Challenger?

This allegory is a stretch, but as much as I default to working solo, I have come to recognize the collaborative power of the group. Good ideas, those that appear to come out of nowhere, are likely improved by group input. Challenge forces commitment; skepticism draws out thoroughness; and the resulting incubation allows the subconscious to contribute. Listen, reflect, and then act. Be it the next great product or a simple act of kindness: do it.

The other day I mentioned in passing that I ate 11 Grand Haven Pronto Pups for dinner, but I thought I could eat 12. “If you can eat 12,” Eddie said, “I can eat 13.” John quickly added he could eat as many as both of us combined.

Three weeks later, I stalled out at 10; Eddie went on to 14, and Champion John crossed the finish line at 22.