Sales and Marketing in the Rain


Sales and Marketing in the Rain

A photographer friend once advised me to make cold sales calls only when I didn’t need the work, because then I would be able to muster the proverbial ‘take it or leave it’ attitude and comfortably walk away from any advertising or promotional project that wasn’t ideal. He may be right; I’m not that shrewd to think when or why I’m calling, I just keep calling. My issue is more one of moving our marketing communications agency to the next level, even while I’m immersed in the activities of the current level. Clients often have the same issue, and it’s easy to be critical from the outside looking in.

Are your efforts income-targeted or do you have that rare abundance mentality? Perhaps you reach a point when your sales are good, you’re hitting on all 8 so to speak, so you don’t re-invent or stretch (or risk) to take sales up a notch. But, as I’ll say, you need to keep driving in the rain. I refer to the economics espoused in such books as The Economic Naturalist, regarding the research on why it’s so hard to get a taxi late in the day in NY when it’s raining. The results of the survey (Camerer, Babcock, Loewenstein, & Thaler, 1997) revealed that most cab drivers have certain quotas, which they reach faster when it’s raining, so they sign out earlier.

Me, I’ll keep driving.