Time to Take a Good Look at Marketing Automation


Time to Take a Good Look at Marketing Automation

How are you leveraging technology in your sales process? Yes, inbound marketing will drive traffic to your website; it may even convert visitors to leads. But then what? Chances are your sales staff is too busy to consistently (or quickly) follow up on these leads. Why not use marketing automation technologies to reduce your cost per lead and shorten your sales cycle?

Here’s four ways marketing automation will drive success:

1. Marketing automation prioritizes leads for quality and relevance.

2. Marketing automation educates people so sales won’t have to.

3. Marketing automation enables faster response time (and that’s REALLY important).

4. Marketing automation makes follow-up easier and more personalized.

Some stats are amazing, such as the prediction that by 2015, some 85% of business relationships will not involve human contact. Yikes. Read a more detailed article on HubSpot.