Leadership and Longevity


Leadership and Longevity

This week, the NBA Finals match the San Antonio Spurs against the defending champion Miami Heat. These are two great teams that have both seen success, but there is a remarkable difference in how each of these teams approaches leadership. The Heat are built around three superstars, and their three years together have been marked by success, but also imbalance and inconsistency. There are signs that their collaboration might not last much longer.

The Spurs on the other hand, are absolute models of consistency. In the 16 seasons that Tim Duncan has been with the team, they have not missed the playoffs once and have won four championships.

In a league where players commonly (and successfully) campaign to get their coaches fired, Tim Duncan is radically different. He is the rare star who is respectful and loyal to his coach (Gregg Popovich). As the Spurs have brought in new players over the years, they have all differed to Duncan’s productive attitude, resulting in one of the most unified teams in professional sports. So yes, the finals will be full of exciting basketball, but they also serve as an example of the importance of leadership, in any profession.