Google Is Trending

Google Trends

Google Is Trending

Recently I stumbled upon a interesting tool by Google called Google Trends. It’s a web-based tool that shows popularity of search terms and data related to them. By typing in a search term you can see popularity over time, related queries, interest by region, and much more. You can also compare search terms.

The 5 year graph is particularly interesting because you can see spikes in searches, or an overall drop or rise in popularity. This can be valuable when planning to launch a marketing campaign. Using data of related search terms, you can best figure out the most effective time to launch.

Maybe your competitor has great sales in July. Would it be be best to advertise heavily during that period to try and get some of their customers?

No matter what, this is a great tool to utilize.

Here are some interesting 5-year returns I got:

One Day Shipping 

Always spikes right before Christmas.


Fruit vs Vegetable 

Fruits are the crowd favorite 



It’s been on a steady decline.



Football, as a search term, is the most popular at the season opener.