Does Social Work?


Does Social Work?

How we quantified a social promotion.
This post will not answer every digital question facing your company. What it will do, is outline a highly successful cross-platform social media campaign we currently ran for one of our clients.

The first step in any promotion is to define your objectives. Are you trying to expand your reach? Establish your brand? Sell your product? For our example, we planned to do all three with an emphasis on expanding reach. Specifically, we planned to increase our Facebook following by 10%, increase our email mailing list by 15%, gain 25% more YouTube subscribers, and sell more product.

With our objectives clearly defined, our next step was to create a promotion and social plan. After considering our goals, budget, and the odds of this promotion “going viral”… here’s what we did:

1. Established a Baseline

2. Found Partners
We approached two non-competing companies, with products in the same market as our client, and asked them to donate a product to our promotion in exchange for the exposure this promotion would provide.

3. Developed a Promotion
WIN a FREE (awesome product), (partner product A), (partner product B), this accessory, that accessory, those accessories, and more in our New Years Giveaway! We then built a page on their website and gave users three chances to enter… encouraging them to enter three times.
       1. Share this promotion on Facebook.
       2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.
       3. Sign up for our Newsletter.

4. Built our Assets
Our messaging focused on clarity and quickly digested content, while our visual goal was to gain attention, evoke excitement, and hold our clients brand. Copy and graphics were developed for multiple social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, and email.

5. Communicated
With creative assets in hand and a valuable award on the line … spreading the word was the easy part. We released our message across our client and partners’ social channels. We strategically promoted a few posts early in the contest to jump-start our initial reach. And then nurtured the organic growth by following up on conversations, tweets, shares, and doing our best to fan the flames. (Tip: Genuine interaction is one of the best-kept secrets in social).

6. We Delivered
When all was said and done, we delivered…

In Review
The statistics for this promotion are clear, we exceeded our objectives.

1. We increased our Facebook following by 11.3% and our promotion was shared over 13,000 times.
2. We more than doubled our email mailing list, increasing our contacts by 106.2%.
3. We gained 690.3% more YouTube subscribers. No, that is not a typo.
What isn’t shown in these social media statistics is that this promotion moved the bottom line. Significantly. It was truly a tipping point for our client, as online sales went from five units per day to twelve, and those are numbers we can hang our hat on.