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Give Customers What They Want. Two Words: Pink Starburst.

How often are you listening to your customers? How closely are you watching social media posts, reviews on your product, and buying trends?

Wrigley’s, the well-known candy company that produces Starburst Fruit Chews, can teach us a thing or two about giving our customers what they want.

Starburst recently announced they will soon be releasing limited edition ‘all pink’ packs of their famous candy. Social media and news outlets have been buzzing with the news.

If you’re a Starburst fan like myself, I am sure you can relate to opening a pack of Starburst and searching for those select few pink ones … often pushing the orange and yellow to the side for later.

Social media played a part in the special edition of the candy, according to Matt Montei, Wrigley’s senior director of confections. “On social media we’re seeing people talk about pink Starburst more than any other flavor; there’s even a meme about being treated ‘like a pink Starburst,’” Montei said. “The pink conversation and fanfare has continued to grow, so we decided to act.”

The ‘all pink’ packs will be available in April … just in time for Easter. (coincidence?)

There’s nothing more effective for improving your product or service then listening to the feedback of your customers. So review those social media posts, ask for customer feedback and offer online survey and review opportunities. Give them what they want and they’ll show you even more support and be life-long customers.

(Image via Starburst’s Facebook page.)

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