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How Many Words Are Pictures Worth?

In the age of digital media our brains are called upon to register more photos than words. Think about the last time you scrolled through Facebook. Do you remember the statuses or captions? Or do you recall the photos?

Appealing photographs and graphics are new age marketing tools that can help build brands, turning a virtually unknown product or service into a viral sensation. And how do brands achieve this level of success?

The hard truth: a picture is worth as many words as you allow it.

By showcasing original photography that tells a story and captures consumer’s interest, you’re already on the path to digital media success. Think of Instagram. There are thousands of brands that built a solid foundation solely through the photo-sharing app.

So what if you’re marketing an analytical brand and don’t think you’re visually appealing? Well, think like PayPal. A financial brand that stamped its footprint in the digital media world by creating visually appealing content for followers that still connected to their product.

It’s a competitive world and sharing stock images isn’t going to win you the race. Investing in photography and original content will not only help strengthen your brand image, but allow stronger connections to be made between your company and your consumer. By producing appealing photography, you’ll attract followers who see interesting content from a brand in which they are connected.

We mustn’t forget about writing, just embrace photography for its growing importance in digital media. Take a look at our Social Marketing employee Shalee Blackmer, who built a lot of her blogging business through photographs, recently featured in Forbes Magazine.

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