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The Power Of The Pop-Up

You’re browsing a site, reading along, when all of a sudden a form or message box pops up. Some times it blocks the content you were reading. You didn’t ask for it or click to view it on your own. They can some times be a little annoying, am I right?

So why are more and more sites using them? The simple answer: they work.

The main purpose of a pop-up is often to provide a very strong call-to-action. They can be a great tool for collecting emails, promoting a sale or promotion, directing users to specific information or offering users a quick, easy way to request more information.

A pop-up on your website can be more beneficial than you think. Pop-ups command attention. Users may have over-looked the information or sign-up opportunity located right on your web page. A pop-up puts that information right in front of your user and demands an action. Studies have shown pop-ups provide an increase in conversions, leads and email collection.

When adding a pop-up to your website, you should follow a few guidelines:

  • Offer something of value in your pop-up. You’re interrupting your user’s browsing experience, make the pop-up be something that will help and benefit your user. Offering free downloads, a promise of a newsletter or prizes can increase conversions.
  • Offer users an easy way to close the window. Always offer an ‘X’ in the corner for a quick window close.
  • Include a ‘Do Not Show Me This Again’ option that users can click. If users click on this box, the pop-up will not appear on their next visit to your site.
  • Choose the appropriate place and time for your pop-up. You don’t need one on every page, be selective and intentional on where you place them.  Also, be selective on when they pop-up – timing can be very important depending on your pop-up content.

Pop-ups are certainly not right for every site, but when used in the appropriate circumstances, can be a highly effective marketing and email collection tool.

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