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Spice Up Your ‘Out-Of-Office’ Reply For A Quick, Simple Marketing Opportunity

This week marked the official start of summer, often a popular time to take that family vacation or to get away and ‘un-plug’ for a few days. So it’s a great time to do a refresh on the importance of setting your out-of-office reply and how a few simple additions can spice it up a little.

First off, if you’re planning to completely ‘un-plug’ for the week and won’t be checking your email, make sure to set your out-of-office reply. You never know when a customer or potential lead will try to contact you.

Second, by adding just one extra line to the standard “I will be out from …please contact so and so in my absence” text, you can encourage users to visit your new blog post, check out the latest product on your website, download your latest PDF document or visit the new video you just posted to your YouTube channel.

A sample ‘Out Of Office’ message may look like this:
I will be out of the office Friday, June 23. Please contact our office at 616.392.4893 for assistance. While I’m out, be sure to check out my latest blog post ‘The Power Of The Pop-Up’: https://www.murdochmarketing.com/2017/05/the-power-of-the-pop-up/.

By taking just a few extra minutes when creating your out-of-office reply, you can enjoy your vacation, knowing you’re doing everything you can to market your brand and drive traffic while you’re away.

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