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peter coyote

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear.

Having been in the advertising business for some 40 odd years, I take comfort in Frank Sinatra’s “The Best is Yet to Come”. Over the course of the last month, doors opened for me via a great lesson in generosity. It started as a casual shot-in-the-dark email one Sunday morning to the man whose voice I have long admired in Ken Burns documentaries (as well as some 100+ movies). Would he consider narrating a documentary for a not-for-profitable client? And it culminated late last week when Peter Coyote read the final pick-ups for a Holland Hospital 100th Year Anniversary video we were wrapping up. Despite the fact that Mr. Coyote was cited as one the leading money making entertainers last year, he graciously agreed to read the narration of our 26-minute documentary. “He does this to pay back,” said his agent. A sterling example of generosity that helped set, without question, the high watermark in my career. I am both amazed and grateful that this political, social, theatrical and Zen icon took the time to help us. Thank you, #petercoyote. Read his books.