Why I Tell You This.


Why I Tell You This.

Today marks the 22nd year of my sobriety. It’s also my turn to write a blog post, a task we rotate among ourselves at Murdoch Marketing. My anniversary is not a big deal, but writing about it is a bit cathartic. So here it goes.

There are those who wear their sobriety like a badge of honor and those who never, ever speak of it. Both are right, I’m sure. I guess I fall somewhere in-between, and I’d like to tell you why.

I tell you this because I believe that the anonymity aspect of twelve step groups, including the mother of them all, is designed to protect the organization, not the individual. This is misunderstood by many. Virtually all recovery programs today are derived from the original program with a book by the same name. Derivatives don’t work as well as the original, just as recipes that are close to Aunt Betty’s key lime pie rarely, if ever, taste as good Aunt Betty’s key lime pie.

I tell you this because I have worked with several persons I admire who are very open about their journey.

I tell you this because more often than not, this topic discussed over dinner or a round of golf, invariably leads to some person sharing with me the story of their wife or child or close friend who is suffering or lost. They don’t know what to do.

I tell you this because there is a gross misconception the disease of alcoholism can actually be cured or that treatment is as simple as attending more church services or following “why don’t you just quit” advice from friends and family.

I tell you this because there is simply too much political correctness and conditional morality in the world today, and speaking truth in a small way just seems like the right thing to do, even if it is as unsolicited as this post.

Last but not least, I tell you this because I can.