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Nostalgia And The Power Of The Past

Nostalgia: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

I just attended my 20th class reunion. We celebrated the anniversary of Harry Potter. My daughter attended the summer camp I went to as a child. And thanks to the limited release of the iconic 90s clear carbonated beverage known as Zima, my friends and I were able to relive our ‘glory days’ while toasting a friend’s birthday. So for me, this summer has been a ‘blast from the past’ and I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic.

Nostalgia has a trigger that brings back memories of happiness. So it’s no wonder that marketers are using it as a strategy to win the hearts of consumers.

Nostalgic marketing is not a new strategy, but does seem to be one that’s being used more and more. Products from the past are being reproduced and remarketed. Iconic songs and television shows, historical events and vintage images are being used to draw consumer’s attention and to creative positive feelings toward their brands.

When you appeal to someone’s love for something or a fond memory, they are likely to share it — whether it be a post on their Facebook page or a topic of conversation with family and friends.

Nostalgic marketing can also connect generations. When a product, experience, song or television show brings us happiness as a child, we often want to share that with the next generation.

I could fill this post with many great nostalgic marketing examples, but I’ll leave you with this advertisement that aired last summer for McDonalds. The Cyndi Lauper remix, the imagery and sentiment of the ad draws me in … time after time.

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