Go Ahead; Tell Me Where to Go!


Go Ahead; Tell Me Where to Go!

Hi guys, Shalee from Murdoch Marketing here!

I’m excited to announce that beginning September 12th I’ll be traveling the Upper Peninsula for two weeks with Pure Michigan as part of their Fall & Seek campaign!

Three adventure travelers are journeying across Michigan in September and October to document, photograph, and share stories from one of the most beautiful fall destinations in the world. There are three legs of the adventure:

The Upper Peninsula: Shalee Blackmer, September 12-23rd

The Northern Lower Peninsula: Dan Price, September 25th-October 7th

The Southern Lower Peninsula: Gene Yoon, October 8-20th

I cannot wait for this adventure, but what I am most excited for is that you decide where we go! Starting on September 12th, you can vote on Pure Michigan’s Facebook and Instagram as to what destinations in the Upper Peninsula I should visit. My two weeks are completely dependent on your votes!

For more information, visit Michigan.org/fall. And don’t forget to follow our adventures via instagram: