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You always wonder if it’ll be worth it. You wonder if you’re making the right decision by taking such a big risk. But a recipe for success comes along with hours of dedication, hard work, and most likely a million cups of coffee.

My name is Mike Houseman, and I’m the new Animator/Videographer here at Murdoch Marketing. The path that I took to get here wasn’t easy, but who said it was going to be? I always knew that if I had the ambition and vision that I would succeed. But let me give you, in a nutshell, my story:

I was born and raised in Muskegon, MI. After graduating high school I decided to take a year off and figure out my next move. At first, I’ll admit, all I cared about was partying, getting my own place as far away from my folks’ as possible, and working at a pizza joint. It became quite the lifestyle for me that lasted…about a year. It got really old, really quick, and I knew that it wasn’t the life I wanted to live. I wanted to learn more, do something that I actually enjoyed doing, and most importantly, I wanted to get out of Muskegon.

After getting my ducks in a row I decided to pursue an education at Grand Valley State University. Initially going into college I had no idea on what I wanted to do for the rest of my life (among the majority). During orientation, we had to pick out major. I sat there watching everyone else fill out their sheets and ended up being the last one in the room. One of the counselors came up to assist me in the decision. They said, “Just pick something you think you’ll like. You can always change your mind.” That was pretty good advice I thought, so I looked at the sheet and saw the words ‘Film and Video’ halfway down on the list of options. Well, I’d always liked making videos in high school so I figured, why not?

And after four years of classes, quizzes, tests, exams, homework, presentations, projects, degree indecision, student loans, a 2016 Summer Film Project, three different apartments, eight roommates, riding the bus every day to class, and of course the fun things like house parties, frat parties, international parties, Halloween parties, Irish on Ionia, tailgating, hot tubbing, roof sitting, dates, workouts, guitar playing, Netflix binging, video gaming, book reading, a summer job spent on Mackinac Island, Marathon Monday’s, Taco Tuesday’s, Wine Wednesday’s, Thirsty Thursday’s, jamming with my band from 6pm to 2am in my apartment, late night Taco Bell runs, Grand Rapids Griffins games, concerts at The Intersection, Welcome Weeks, and living strictly on eggs, turkey bacon, ramen noodles, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree. Whew.

I began my journey at Murdoch Marketing in the summer of 2016, after my junior year when I was lucky enough to pursue an internship here. The experiences I gained from working in the professional field as an undergraduate in college heightened my interest and made we want to continue the internship the following summer of 2017. Becoming a full-time videographer after interning for a company is a great feeling and shows that hard work and dedication really does pay off. Back when I graduated high school I had many doubts that I would even go to college. However, I didn’t let those doubts stand in my way. I did what I had to do to make it where I am today and I am happy with every decision I’ve made.

Moral of the story here: chase your dreams, never settle, and always be motivated and dedicated towards your goals. If you follow those simple steps, you will find success in your life.

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