A Little Bit of Everything

Kaylee Maddox

A Little Bit of Everything

Hi, my name is Kaylee and I’m the new Graphic Designer at Murdoch Marketing. I was born and raised in a town called Cedar Springs, Michigan (aka Cedar-tucky) where people legit drive their tractors to school. I was not one of them.

Throughout my life, I have been a very creative individual with a curious mind. Because of that, life gets boring when I do the same routine everyday—it’ll drive me insane. To help me escape the everyday world, I love to read, mainly fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, and the occasional contemporary. Right now my bookshelf is completely full with over 250 books (15 of those books are unread—yikes!), and there’s a giant stack sitting right next to it that’s growing and growing. It doesn’t help when I live five minutes away from Barnes and Noble. Goodbye paycheck.

All that reading has then sparked a new passion inside me—writing. So far, I’ve written three full manuscripts (horribly, because the first few aren’t always the greatest), and I’m currently working on a new one—a fantasy inspired by ancient Egypt, but that’s all I’ll say.

My creativity doesn’t end there. I’m a video gamer and anime lover. I enjoy going to comic cons around the Midwest, and after seeing so many well-crafted costumes that people wear to these events, I decided to create my own. So now I’m creating a very elaborate costume that a beginner should avoid to save their soul, especially when one has never touched a sewing machine in their life until a few weeks ago. But I’m stubborn and a perfectionist, and I will do the design justice. Because of my curiosity and the need for exploration, all the armor pieces will be 3D printed. I’ve never done 3D printing before either, but I’m ready for a rewarding challenge.

As you can see I’m an individual who loves to create, whether it’s something on paper, something digital or physical. Having a career as a graphic designer allows me to fill that gap during the weekdays when I have to be an adult.