Give Thanks To Your Customers This Thanksgiving

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Give Thanks To Your Customers This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving — A time to pause in our daily activities to remember with gratitude our many blessings great and small.

Family, good health and good food always top the list in our family. But it’s also a great time of year to show your thanks and continuing appreciation for customers and business associates. There are many ways to show your customers you appreciate them — not just during Thanksgiving, but all year long.

Hand written notes or emails.
A personal note can have a lasting and meaningful impact on a customer.

Ask for feedback.
Let your customers know that you value their opinion.

Say thanks on online reviews.
Show your customers you appreciate their feedback and take their opinions seriously,  both good and bad. Answer positive and negative comments with genuine, honest responses.

Show your love on social media.
Post a heartfelt message or ‘Thank You!’ to your Facebook and other social media accounts.

Reward them.
Make your customers feel valued. Offer giveaways, promotions and free learning/education materials.

Throw a thank you event.
Host a customer appreciation event.

Loyal customers are the foundation of any successful business and are your best brand advocates. By doing a few simple things, you can remind customers that you are aware of their business and how much you appreciate them.

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