2018 Design Trends


2018 Design Trends

The end of 2017 is near, but the design trends of 2018 have already arrived, and this time the old is making a comeback—with some alterations, of course. Although “flat design” has been increasing as the standardized trend from the past year, enhanced design elements are helping to spice it up.


Ahhh, say it isn’t so! Deemed as bad design if not used properly, gradients—now being known as “color transitions”—are helping to enhance “flat design” by bringing a more modern look. These colors are brighter, louder, and blend in with the overall design so distraction is at a minimum.

color transitions


Drop Shadows

Say it isn’t so, again! But it’s true. Just like gradient’s, I mean color transitions, drop shadows need to be used smartly. With the semi-flat design growing in popularity, drop shadows are used to create subtle depth and to make elements pop for hierarchy means. These have become prominent in websites, apps, and prints.

drop shadow


Unique Layouts / Asymmetric Designs

Companies are shying away from symmetrical layouts, and are undertaking a more asymmetrical/unique layout approach. When designs all look similar, standing out is a sure way of capturing attention. Neutral space is also growing in popularity to connect overall designs, instead of simply using them as dividing factors.

unique layout


Responsive Logos

With the rise of using the web through mobile, companies need to rethink how their logos can communicate on such smaller interfaces. Altering logos by simplifying them to adapt to other screens while still being recognizable and usable has become a huge factor in how companies restructure their responsive websites.

responsive logo


Here’s a list of other trends to look out for:

Hand drawn design/ custom design

Geometric shapes

Duotone colors/ double exposure

Authentic photography

Bold modern serifs/ typography







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