Four Ways to Maximize Christmas Marketing


Four Ways to Maximize Christmas Marketing

Incorporate festivities into your branding

It can be as simple as changing your Facebook header to a Christmas or winter-themed image. Most consumers react positively to a touch of Holiday flare. If selling a product, consumers shopping for Holidays are more likely to purchase from a retailer that spreads some holiday cheer.

Promote bundled gifts

Make giving this year easy. Creating bundled gifts is good for sales and the consumer. By grouping products together and providing a slight discount, the customer is more likely to increase their spending limit within your store. Why? Consumers love deals! They may enter your store in search for one candle, but soon they’ll see a bundle of four candles for the price of three.

Send out a Christmas-specific newsletter

Let the world know what you’re offering this Holiday Season. A Christmas newsletter is a great way to promote deals, bundles, and other special offers from your brand. Create a sense of urgency by letting consumers know that these deals won’t last long. Cyber Monday might have already happened, but that doesn’t mean brands stop offering deals and discounts during the busiest shopping season.

Hold a Christmas contest

Christmas is all about giving, after all, so give back to those who support your brand. Hold a social media contest and encourage followers to invite their friends to like your page/picture to increase chances of winning. Although everyone can’t win, numerous new potential customers will become exposed to your brand. And they may just end up adding your product to their Christmas list.