Stand on a Peak


Stand on a Peak

Towering 4000 feet above my head is a peak, my goal for the day. I’m prepping to climb a mountain. Not an overly difficult one, but one that is sure to take most of my day and energy.

The first couple miles are always the worst; consistently looking above to see how far there is yet to go. My legs are already burning and I wonder if I’m going to make it.

Slowly the peak gets closer and closer and in just a few hours I’ve gone from a valley floor to the top of the world. It’s usually windy, often times piercing my skin with the frigid cold.

I spend a small amount of time at the top before turning around and taking the same long journey back down.

But why?

My best inspiration comes from difficult journeys. I stand on a peak and realize that I am taller than anything on the horizon. Each time I begin I am unsure if I will make it. And each time I do, I realize I am stronger than I think. And in that moment, I know the journey is always worth it.

Whenever faced with a daunting Marketing task, I always transfer back to the journey. There are times we are faced with tasks beyond our knowledge or previous skills and the goal may seem impossible. But as long as we continue and take a project one step at a time, eventually we will prosper.

And then when it’s finished, you’ll stare at the completed project. You’ll see it wasn’t always easy, but along the way you learned new skills and overcame difficult obstacles.

Marketing is a marathon of mountains, and if we don’t test ourselves the peaks will always stand above us.