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I’ve always preferred Apple over Samsung for smartphones. Both phones have great features and are everything you would want in a phone, but...

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Helvetica type examples in daily life.
Hello Helvetica

Whether you are aware of it or not, the ever-popular typeface Helvetica is used everywhere in the world. You breathe it in everyday...

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The Price of Data

The amount of data created year after year is increasing at an exponential rate.  New online services, the rise of streaming video, and...

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Licensed to Fly

Not too long ago, aerial videography and photography used to be out of reach for most businesses. Aerial footage can greatly enhance a message by...

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Let Us Tell the Truth

I appreciate the information distributed by the FDA, BBB, USDA, WHO and the hundreds of other bureaucratic organizations that have guided me toward...

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Be Brave

Yesterday a friend told me “know your limits, then push a little past them.”Sometimes we are in need of a little sage advice...

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Google Trends
Google Is Trending

Recently I stumbled upon a interesting tool by Google called Google Trends. It’s a web-based tool that shows popularity of search terms and...

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