What We Think

The Price of Data

The amount of data created year after year is increasing at an exponential rate.  New online services, the rise of streaming video, and...

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Be Brave

Yesterday a friend told me “know your limits, then push a little past them.” Sometimes we are in need of a little sage advice...

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Saugatuck Public Schools Visiting Artist Program
Just Visiting

To say the Saugatuck/Douglas area is "artsy" would be an understatement. Our welcome sign is a twelve-foot painter's palette. The streets are lined...

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November Rain

My timing was perfect. It was the first day of November. The leaves had been changing. The temperature dropping. The days getting shorter. And...

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Oh My Gourd

I know, I know. It’s November. Your inbox is orange, brown, crunchy, and festive with every newsletter you’ve subscribed to. You’ve learned all the...

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Trick or Trading

Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday of the year. For those that know me, this probably seems inconsistent with my incredibly outgoing...

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