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To succeed in modern marketing, we must have a wide range of skills and expertise that can be leveraged to inform every decision. Learn more about taking a multidisciplinary approach to marketing:
Just a bit of lite sarcasm on this #WisdomWednesday.
You can’t “sell” to millennials or Generation Zers - instead, aim to communicate with them on a human level. Follow these 6 tips to connect with them.
Most marketers today are well-versed in digital tactics, but when it comes to connecting those tactics to broader brand strategy, many are a bit lost. Learn how to ensure your digital strategy is aligned with your brand strategy.
Digital transformation is the ongoing pursuit of achieving the highest levels of scale, efficiency, innovation and profit using data and technology. Learn the three keys to effective digital marketing transformation.
#WisdomWednesday doesn't get much better than advice from The Office.
Facebook Ads is evolving. You need to understand what it means for how your company gathers and uses information. See how Facebook has changed and how to adjust your digital strategy accordingly.
What does Simon Cowell have to do with marketing? In our most recent blog, Tom explains how the host recently referred to a contestant's "USP" on America's Got Talent.
How can marketers deal with an oversaturated digital space? Consider turning back to physical products to prevent ad fatigue from seeing the same strategies used over and over.
How brands are making pop-up shops more interactive and instagrammable than ever. See what marketers can learn from these stunts:
When looking at marketing spend, what’s more important for digital growth: SEO or social media? Keep in mind that social aims to boost engagement, while SEO focuses on fulfilling specific consumer needs. Learn more:
Come and join our team! We are seeking a paid #video #intern! The ideal candidate is familiar with After Effects animation along with Premiere with opportunity for on-set and post-production experience. Send your resume to Please include links to ...
We are going wild(e) over today's #WisdomWednesday quote!
A strong relationship with consumers always proves to be worthwhile for brands. How to humanize platforms and develop a deeper connection with consumers.
How can you tune into the needs of your customers to ensure they remain happy with the product or service that you are providing? Our latest blog shares how language learning app, Duolingo, is keeping their customers happy and engaged ...
User experience is a journey, not a destination. Check out these 5 rules for creating a compelling user experience for your customers.
Birthdays are a great time to show customers that their business is valued, while also putting a smile on their face. In our latest blog, Stephanie shares suggestions for setting up a Birthday Club or special promotion to celebrate your ...
The secret behind an engaging social media presence does not need to be complicated. Take a look at the one thing that you can do to build an engaging presence on social:
How's your Bokeh? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, Tom Murdoch breaks it down in this week's blog and explains how it relates to marketing and our team here at Murdoch.
Murdoch Marketing Animation Reel
We've updated our animation reel to include animations created in 2017. Using explainer, motion graphics and 3D animation, we use animation to deliver effective marketing messages. Like what you see? We want to hear from you. Visit our website at ...
Licensed to Fly

Not too long ago, aerial videography and photography use to be out of reach for most businesses. Aerial footage can greatly enhance a message by being able to show size, scale and beauty that is not normally seen from ...
Corporate Interviews | Video Production in West Michigan
A video interview is a simple, but effective way to explain complex topics, ideas and stories. Corporate video interviews can be used underneath supporting footage in higher end productions, or can be used with simple text for a cost-effective way ...
Attract and Retain Employees | Video Recruitment Campaign West Michigan
Increase the amount of qualified candidates AND improve employee retention? A recruitment campaign can do that. Part of a full website re-vamp, Murdoch Marketing produced a series of videos and outdoor ads focusing on attracting and retaining potential employees.

Hanson ...
Tell Your Story | West Michigan Documentary Production
One of our more ambitious projects, requiring months of research and contributions, is the story of Holland Hospital’s 100 year journey to today.Thank you to Holland Hospital marketing for allowing us to work on this project. Narrated by Peter Coyote.

Industrial Manufacturing Animation | West Michigan 3D Animation
StrikoWestofen America is a global supplier of non-ferrous foundry furnaces and solutions. Murdoch Marketing created various 3D animations explaining their unique melting furnace process. In conjunction, we alsoproduced print collateral, product renderings, and designed the American product website.

Post: ...
Murdoch Marketing Animation Reel
Animation can bring any idea to life. Here is just a sample of our animation capabilities. We are able to animate in the following styles: motion graphics, explainer videos, 3d, 2.5d, 2d, whiteboard, and stop motion.
Murdoch Marketing: We Think. We Can.
Strengthen your brand with a clear, consistent message channeled via efficient media to a targeted market. Murdoch Marketing can help your brand succeed. Advertising, collateral, animation, video, websites, public relations, social media, branding, marketing.
LLamasoft Data Guru
LLamasoft Data Guru simplifies the transformation of data and creates documented, repeatable, time-saving workflows. The interactive, visual tool removes coding and query-building from the process and enables business analysts to effectively work with big data.
Rotator Cuff Injury and Shoulder Impingement - Medical Minute
Dr. Michael Cheek of Shoreline Orthopaedics discusses shoulder pain, shoulder surgery, rotator cuff syndrome, shoulder impingement syndrome, sports injury, rotator cuff tears, and physical therapy in this Holland Hospital Medical Minute.

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