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10 May Graphic Design Terminology

When communicating with a client, it’s the graphic designer’s job to make the experience as painless as possible—especially when using terminology that sounds foreign to people outside the field.Sometimes, however, these foreign words slip out, so here’s a list of some common terms and what...

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Helvetica type examples in daily life.

01 Feb Hello Helvetica

Whether you are aware of it or not, the ever-popular typeface Helvetica is used everywhere in the world. You breathe it in everyday during your life, so much in fact that it’s unnoticeably prominent. Signage, advertisements, company logos, and practically any surface that warrants some...

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27 Apr What’s In A Name? A Marketing Opportunity.

MailChimp is a pretty familiar tool to most, with over 15 million using their email marketing services worldwide.[1] Despite its popularity and a name that is relatively easy to pronounce (really, though - imagine being named Iulia), the folks at MailChimp apparently had a history of people mispronouncing the...

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