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01 Jun You’ve Got Mail — 5 Tips for a Successful Newsletter

Email campaigns and digital newsletters are tricky but powerful marketing tools. They have their own etiquette, technological constraints, and methods of interaction which is largely reliant on the individual user (and their mail client of choice).  Always push your email campaigns further with vision and strategy,...

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27 Apr What’s In A Name? A Marketing Opportunity.

MailChimp is a pretty familiar tool to most, with over 15 million using their email marketing services worldwide.[1] Despite its popularity and a name that is relatively easy to pronounce (really, though - imagine being named Iulia), the folks at MailChimp apparently had a history of people mispronouncing the...

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23 Mar Does Social Work?

How we quantified a social promotion. This post will not answer every digital question facing your company. What it will do, is outline a highly successful cross-platform social media campaign we currently ran for one of our clients.The first step in any promotion is to define...

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