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10 May Graphic Design Terminology

When communicating with a client, it’s the graphic designer’s job to make the experience as painless as possible—especially when using terminology that sounds foreign to people outside the field.Sometimes, however, these foreign words slip out, so here’s a list of some common terms and what...

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05 Apr Emoji Mania: How & When to Use Emojis in Email Subject Lines

? ? ? Emoji use in email marketing campaigns has grown immensely in recent years, due in large part to the fun and convenience of being able to visually communicate your message right off the bat. The correct emoji can in some cases better express the content of...

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01 Jun You’ve Got Mail — 5 Tips for a Successful Newsletter

Email campaigns and digital newsletters are tricky but powerful marketing tools. They have their own etiquette, technological constraints, and methods of interaction which is largely reliant on the individual user (and their mail client of choice).  Always push your email campaigns further with vision and strategy,...

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